15 things to do in Khandala

Khandala is a picturesque hill station that lays in the lush terrain of Western Ghats in the state of Maharashtra. Khandala is a major stopping point for people looking for a weekend getaway while travelling from Mumbai to Pune or vice versa. Standing a whopping 550 metres above the sea level, Khandala is famous for its serene beauty and quaint spots to relax for a weekend. Khandala holds historical importance in its kitty too; from being ruled by Mughals, Marathas and then the British, Khandala also has an old world charm to it.
Distnace from Mumbai: 107 km
Distance from Pune: 63 km

Things to do in Khandala

For a lot of Mumbaikars, Khandala is the ideal spot for vacationing after Lonavala. Not only, for Mumbaikars, but for people from Pune as well, thanks to its convenient spot that is accessible easily by both these places. Another vacay spot, Sopara is also not far from here. But Khandala has its own charm and this intensifies during the monsoons extremely well. We tell you how to explore this place with 15 things to do in Khandala.

1.Visit Rajmachi fort

Located ideally between Khandala and Lonavala, Rajmachi is a small town that houses the Rajmachi fort. As you take a hike to this fort, get ready to witness the picture of your life as you take a look at the vast meadows of the Deccan Plateau. Rajmachi fort stands on two local mountain peaks in the area, namely Shrivardhan and Manaranjan. Atop these, you will get an aerial view of sister hill stations like Matheran, Lonavala, Duke’s nose and Karnala.

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2. Picnic at Bhushi Lake

Located en route to Lonavala, Bhushi Lake is the perfect spot to spend your weekend getaway picnicking around it. The lake is just adjacent to the Bhushi dam. A popular place for most people to relax at, the location is heavenly and you will add this to one of your most profound experiences. The small hills in the backdrop provide a nice façade and make the scenery even beautiful. The lake is just adjacent to the Bhushi dam.

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3.Lohagad fort

Lohagad fort is in existence from the times when Marathas ruled this place and Lohagad fort is an existing proof of their lavishness. Built by Chhatrapati Shivaji during his reign, Lohagad fort stands tall, true to its literal meaning, ‘the fort made of iron’ and used to house the prisoners. Built on a hill of an elevation of about a 1,000 metres, the fort divides into two basins of Indrayani River and Pavana lake and looks out into the Sahayadri ranges.

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4.View at the Tiger’s leap

Tiger’s leap is a tourist point from where you can look out into the magnificent Sahayadri hills. It’s also renowned as the echo point; you say something out loud and your voice echoes back. It’s known as the tiger’s leap because it appears as though a tiger is leaping away. Take pictures here to cherish the holiday and soak yourself into the grandiose of the backdrop. There is a waterfall here, too that gets replenished during the monsoon season.

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5.Visit Visapur Fort

Just a few hours’ drive from Mumbai is the historical Visapur fort that surrounds the Plateau. It was built by Chhatrapati Shivaji of the Maratha dynasty. There are intricate designs carved onto the walls of the Visapur fort and surrounds a forest within it. The fort stands tall at a height of 4,000 feet and needs a strenuous trek to reach. The fort is a house to many caves, houses and temples.

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6.Kune waterfalls

The beautiful statement waterfall in the region of Khandala, Kune falls are divided into two segments, that make the total height of the waterfall about a 200 metres; making it the 14th largest waterfall in India. Surrounded by thick green forest cover, the Kune falls are ideal for a highlight to your weekend getaway with your family. A few minutes’ walk from the waterfalls is the Kune church that you can also visit.

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7.Pavana Lake

Pavana Lake is a man-made lake, built as a result of the construction of the Pavana dam across the Pavana River. It is situated inside the complex of the Tunga fort, and you can also see the Lohagad and the Tikona forts from here. Beautiful, calm and serene, you can enjoy a day out here, boating with the children and picnicking, making it the ideal spot for weekend getaway. You can even head main Kamshet city from here.

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8.Visit the Shingroba Temple

The Shingroba Temple is a famous ancient temple of historical importance in Khandala, which is essentially a small Shiv Temple en route to Lonavala from Khandala.

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9.Bedsa caves

For making this weekend destination more amazing is the Bedsa Caves. Listed among the oldest caves of not only Maharashtra, but also that of India. Bedsa caves are said to dating back to 60 BC that have marvellous hand carvings of lions, elephants, bulls and horses on their walls. They are a set of two main caves, namely called ‘Chaitya’ and ‘Vihara’. You can see the grandeur of the structure by the four pillars, each of 25 feet that are inside the main cave. It also consist of many arches on the walls.

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10.Shooting point

The shooting point or the snapshot point in Khandala, also known as the Khandala point is famous for its picturesque views. Tourists and travellers can have a majestic view of the whole Khandala in front of them in one go, when here, especially that of the Rajmachi fort. This is one of those places that make Khandala the perfect weekend destination.

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11.Karla and Bhaja caves

Situated a little away from main Khandala city and more towards the city of Kamshet, the Karla and Bhaja caves portray the Buddhist architecture and essentially are temples, built in the 2nd century. Both these places also have their own ‘Chaitya’ and ‘Vihara’ that were used for prayers by the monks. Carvings related to Lord Buddha are depicted all over the walls and the pillars at this weekend destination.

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12.Duke’s nose

Named after the revered Duke of Wellington, the Duke’s point is a spot near the Amrutanjan point from where you can see the most spectacular view of the valley. The name Duke’s nose is owed to the resemblance the Duke of Wellington’s nose made to this mountain in Khandala. Come here for trekking in the lush forests for a nice 800 metres, or rock climbing, if you’re an experienced rock climber.

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13.Lion’s point

The Lion’s point is simply a cliff that is located between the Bhushi dam, where the Bhushi Lake is, and the Amby Valley, a commercial project by the Sahara Group. The valley looks out into the splendid Sahayadri hills. You can come here for a nice trek or may be a climb to the cliff. From the top of this ideal weekend destination’s cliff, you can see clearly the Tungarli dam and the Tungarli Lake besides it.

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14.Shiv linga

You see this giant Shiv linga shaped mountain as you drive towards the Tiger’s Leap. Also called ‘Swayambhu’, this is located in the Sahayadri hill region and you can just lose yourself into the grand setting, take some pictures and have hot tea while you relish the moment to end you weekend getaway.

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